Compare 2 Cities: Seoul and Cairo

Topics: Cairo, Egypt, Nile Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: July 25, 2012
Seoul and Cairo are the national captital and the main commercial centre of their countries. While Seoul is the capital of South Korea, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and also the largest city in Africa. They are two different places, but they still have some points in common. This report will compare and contrast some of the physical features, population and economy of the two cities. Firstly, their physical features are very different. Seoul occupies 627sq km and is three times larger than Cairo, whose total area is 215 sq km. However, both cities are located in the North of their country and are built on the banks of a river, the river Nile in Cairo and the Han river in Seoul. Secondly, there is a contrast between Seoul’s climate and Cairo’s. Seoul has a continental and humid climate with warm summers and cold winters. The annual rainfall ranges from 130 cm. Nevertheless, Cairo has a desert climate with annual rainfall exceeding only 2,5 cm. It also has hot summers and dry winter Moreover, the population of the two cities are quite different in size and composition. Seoul has about 10,3 million people, which are almost all korean. On the other hand, Cairo has only 6,8 million people. Although most of Cairenes are of Egyptian descent, it still has many refugees who came from Sudan and the others surrounding African coutries. Despite these differences, two cities also have some similar things, especially in their economy. Both cities possesses a diverse economy based on manufacturing bussiness, finance and trade service. However, Cairo also focus on tourism industry, which is not a major industry in Seoul.
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