Comparative . Vision and Viewpoint of Casablance . Oedipus and How Many Miles to Babylon

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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Olivia bagnall
“ The general vision and viewpoint of texts can be quite similar or very different “ In the light of the above statement compare the general vision and viewpoint in at least two texts of your comparative course ( 70 marks )

The general vision and viewpoints of the three texts I have studied show many similiarities and differences throughout. While I feel that the three texts How Many Miles To Babylon , Casablanca and Oedipus Rex are primarily pessimistic texts there are optimistic views and postitive developments throughout that give an uplifting hope when it is needed . In this essay I shall discuss the opening scenes of each text, each main characters struggle against higher powers , the sacrafices made by each of the protagonists , the close of each text and the effect that all these topics have on the overall vision and viewpoint portrayed by the author / director . The first impression of each text is key when evaluating the vision and view point. In the case of the three texts I have studied the opening scenes all create an ominous outlook centred on the theme of death. Oedipus Rex opens to the sight of Oedipus , the king , talking to the people of Thebes , their city has been striken by an awful plague . The chorus provide the reader with grotesque , disturbing imagery in their first speech “ The dead spreading death “ and create an general opening atmosphere of despair , grief and desperation . Just as in Oedipus Rex the opening sequence to Casablanca is one of hardship and trouble. A Montage begins the film with footage of the war across Europe being shown. The image of refugees fleeing from paris matched with the narrator saying “ The fortunate ones found in casablanca through money , luck or both “ give the viewer an indication of the circumstances that will navigate the films plot and the corruption of the setting . From the montage we are brought to meet Casablanca for the first time, the market is bustling , loud...
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