Comparative Study Othello and O

Topics: Othello, Iago, William Shakespeare Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: March 12, 2011
William Shakespeare's play Othello and Tim Blake Nelson's contemporary appropriation O both portray universal themes that are relevant to their contexts. Both composers used a variety of techniques to effectively explore various themes and values in their text. Although the values of each composer's time have changed as time progressed, many themes are still evident in both texts. These include jealousy, racism and appearance versus reality, however the techniques used by both composers that differ greatly. The themes which are common in texts - jealousy, racism and appearance versus reality - are conveyed through the use of different techniques. Shakespeare used literary devices such as imagery, soliloquies and asides to suit his contemporary Elizabethan audience. Tim Blake Nelson on the other hand, utilized a variety of film techniques such as different camera work, sound effects and editing to suit his 21st century adolescent audience. However what can be clearly seen in both texts are the values which were considered important in their owner's time period.

In Shakespeare's Othello, the theme of jealous is evident throughout the play. Shakespeare uses techniques such as characterisation and imagery to illustrate this theme. By characterising his characters with jealousy, Shakespeare effectively emphasises the destructive power of jealousy, which corrupts the values of honour and trust. In Othello, the protagonist is characterised as a general who has a high social status, a man who is known as the "valiant," "more fail than black" moor and a respected member of the Venetian society. This is contrasted with the Moor towards the end of the tragedy, who is enraged with jealousy and utter disgust for Desdemona, even calling her an "Impudent strumpet!" Despite Desdemona's constant pleas of being innocent and faithful, Othello's mind becomes so corrupted by Iago that the once calm and honourable figure, seems to lose control of his mind, working himself up and...
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