Comparative Study on Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees

Topics: Bank, Regression analysis, Job satisfaction Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Following the recent circular by Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), Kinetic Researchers (Ltd.) is delighted to present the Research Proposal for conducting a research titled “Comparative study of job satisfaction in public and private banks”. Having a large pool of excellent and expert researchers, Kinetic Researchers (Ltd.) believes that its aim to be awarded with the opportunity to conduct the aforementioned research for a prestigious university like IUB would be successful. 2.0 BACKGROUND

2.1 Problem Definition
The banking sector has undergone a sea-change over the years, which has put new pressures and realities in front of the bank employees. Bank Executives have perhaps felt the maximum heat. Bank executives form a delicate link between the management and the clerical staff. The success of the Bank to a large extent depends upon the coordination, synchronization and cooperation of the Bank executives with these two very divergent entities. Initially the zonal/regional offices of the bank were visited and discussions were held with the level of V & VI bank executives regarding the research. In their opinion till date no such study has been done related to the officers of their bank. They showed their desire that if possible they wanted to review such study and it will be in good faith of the bank itself as it will be helpful in the formulation of thefuture policies and plans. In this backdrop, IUB has taken the initiative to research on the level of job satisfaction within the bank executives. Through this research study an attempt has been made not only to ascertain the degree of overall job satisfaction prevailing among the Bank executives but also to elicit officer’s views on the different factors contributing to their job satisfaction, in the light of current realities. With this research, IUB aims to restructure its competitive advantage by making corrections to its course curriculum. As Kinetic Researchers (Ltd.) has...
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