Comparative Reading Analysis

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  • Published : September 20, 2010
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Comparative Reading Analysis
There are different ways to analyze every piece of what we read. There are different structures, visual cues and stylistic differences among each text. Coming up, we are able to take a look at three different articles all weighing in on the same subject: cheating. From these articles we will be able to analyze each style of writing that each author portrays. We will also be able to compare and contrast these articles through something most commonly known as comparative reading. Most students think it is okay to cheat because they know that others around them are doing it as well. In “Curbing Cheating, Raising Integrity”, “Schools for Scandal”, and “Academic Dishonesty: Perceptions of Business Students” we get a closer look at cheating and what is really happening around schools throughout the country. From Education Digest, “Curbing Cheating, Raising Integrity” by Peter S. Strom and Robert D. Strom, they found that people of all ages and backgrounds cheat. Cheating is becoming more and more common and teachers choose to ignore the cheating that goes on in their classrooms. Pressures from our peers, teachers, and parents have taken a toll on how we act in our own classrooms. According to 70% of educators, identifying cheaters rarely happens because of how the parents would react, sometimes even resulting in lawsuits. Other ways of cheating include using cell phones and other devices, and even paying others to take tests for them. Students think plagiarism is okay as well, while some even pay for a pre-written paper. More challenged thinking and essays were some suggestions given by a student from Alabama to reduce cheating. From this article, we can see that the audience is aimed towards more parents and educators about ways to help students avoid cheating. Peter S. Strom and Robert D. Strom also use more of an ethos appeal towards its audience. This means that they have an authority in their field and they mention other experts as...
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