Comparative &Promotion Strategy Coke and Pepsi Learn in India

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I hereby declare that project Titled COMPERATIVE &PROMOTION STARETEGY COKE AND PEPSI LEARN IN INDIA is an original piece of research work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of Ms. Anuradha Maurya The information has been collected from genuine & authentic sources. The work has been submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of MBA to our college.

Mohd.Mahtab Ansari
It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction for the successful completion of this project. Every successful piece of work has many invisible helping hands with their invaluable support and inspiration. For the completion of my project report many person directly or indirectly assisted me. At first, I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to my esteemed to our prof. Anuradha Maurya for their kind initiative guidance and valuable suggestion without which the completion of this would not have been possible. I hope this report will be special interest to the marketing students, who are on look for such real life situation beyond their classroom studies. INTRODUCTION

India with a population of more the 100 cores is potentially one of the largest consumer markets in the world. With urbanization and development of economy, tastes and interests of the people changes according to the advance nation. Marketing is about winning this new environment. It is about understanding what consumers want and supplying it more conveniently. Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human needs and social needs. One of the shortest definitions of marketing is “meeting needs profitably”. The consumer market may be identified as the market for product and services that are purchased by individuals as household for their personal consumption. soft drinks is a typical consumer product purchased by individual primarily quench their thirst and also for refreshment. Different types of soft drinks are available in the market and more or less content of all soft drinks is same. The market of soft drinks is facing a cutthroat competition and many companies are floating in the market with their product with different brands names. Thus in a country like India where more than 50% of total population exists below poverty line, the consumer cannot afford such high price for soft drinks. As a result the trading activities of the soft drinks industry are concentrated in and around big cities and town where the purchasing power of population is considered comparatively high. Soft drinks industry in India has an annual sale of about 4000crores, with per capita consumption of soft drinks at a low of seven bottle per annum (even Pakistan has a per capita consumption of 14; in china and U.S.A is more than 800 bottles) is due to price factor. The marketing manager is responsible for both determining and suitability of goods and services in the market to give maximum satisfaction to the consumer. In order to provide maximum satisfaction, the manager need to know, what is the satisfaction level of the consumer i.e. what is their expectation from the products etc. In order to meet above requirements marketing manager conduct marketing research. Marketing research identify market opportunities, After the completion of marketing research, the company measures and forecast the size, growth and profit potential of each market opportunity.

Coca-cola in India, the corporation nourishing the global community with the world’s largest selling soft drink concentrates since 1886, returned to India in 1993 after a 16 year hiatus, giving new thumbs up to the Indian soft drink market. In the same year, the Company took over ownership of the nation’s top soft-drink brand and bottling network. It’s now ordering our brands assumed an iconic status in minds of world’s consumers. A Healthy Growth to the Indian Economy Ever since, Coca-Cola India has made significant investments to...
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