Comparative Paper on Mexico and United States Education System

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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A Comparative Analysis of Mexico and United States’ Public Education System
In the United States, by the age of five or younger, children begin their long journey in the education system. The typical student completes kindergarten through twelfth grade, and is then expected to continue on their education in college that can range anywhere from two to eight years. The total amount that a “typical” student will spend in the public education system throughout their life can be anywhere from 12-22 years. Since education takes up many years in a person’s life, it is important that the student benefits from all of the factors that the schools have to offer. This paper will take a closer look at just some of the different factors in the public education system of the United States and compare those with the factors of the public education system in Mexico. The factors that will be examined are the cost, proximity, available transportation, hours, meals, grading scale, and teacher qualifications in the public school systems of both countries. This comparative analysis will also determine which system allows for better access to the public. The goal is to determine which education system benefits the student overall for future success. Background Information on Mexico and USA Education System

To begin to understand the two countries education system a little better, a general overview of the systems will be described. This will help to further understand the factors that will be discussed later in this paper. United States Public Education System

The United States public education system can be divided into five groups to categorize the different levels of education. These levels are generally what they are like around the country, but can vary. The first level of education is preschool, and the ages that range in this group are three to five years old. The second level is elementary school, and is divided by six grades; kindergarten (5-6 years old), first grade...
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