Comparative: Hinduism and Judaism

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Comparative Essay: Hinduism and Judaism
Hinduism and Judaism, two of the world’s biggest religions, are seemingly completely unalike, with differences such as their views of afterlife, death and birth Hindus believing in rebirth and “oneness” with Brahman, and Jews believing in a world to come, focusing more on God’s image, never really mentioning what happens after death, and they are different in their way to truth and spirituality, Jews following their holy books to do good and live a spiritual life, and the Hindus following certain disciplines to become enlightened; but they do have some similarities, one example being that both of these religions are monotheistic.

Hinduism and Judaism had completely different viewpoints on birth, death, and afterlife. Jews believed that you were born in the image of God, created with the will to either do good or evil in your life time. This is different from Hinduisms outlook on birth because Hindus believe that until we reach “oneness” with Brahman, a member of the highest Hindu caste, we are reborn from a preceding life. In Hindu culture, death leads to a rebirth which also occurs from realizing “oneness” with Brahman. This is different from Judaism’s perspective on death because Jews see death as leaving behind your body, and moving onto the “world to come”, not as reincarnation like Hinduism practices. For Hinduism, afterlife is almost like a completion of death; it’s the rebirth, and where one merges into Brahman. This is different from Jewish beliefs because Jews don’t really go into detail, or really mention very much at all about after life. The Jewish religion focuses more on acts and good deeds rather than beliefs. The only explanation of afterlife in the Jewish culture is “the world to come”.

Judaism and Hinduism also differ in their paths to truth and spirituality. In Judaism, they follow the Bible and Oral Scriptures, which tell Jewish people what’s right and what’s wrong. In Judaism, truth and...
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