Comparative Federalism: Us V Canada

Topics: United States, Democracy, Federal government of the United States Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: March 12, 2011
Diana Serene-Petitt
Federal Government 2035-SP2011
Kathy Ritchey

Comparative Federalism:
The United States of America VS Canada

The federalism system of governments in the United States and Canada are basically the same in that both are governments that have a constitution and divide power between central and regional governments. However, beyond this very basic description, they vary greatly. The initial difference is obvious in that the U.S. is a republic, and the Canadian system is a monarchy. This means that we have an elected president to lead our democracy, and in Canada, they have a Queen or other inherent figurehead. As with any democracy, many nuances and subtleties differentiate and make parallel the two. In a democracy government officials get elected, as they are in both of the countries that I will attempt to compare and contrast. They each have various levels of government that separate levels of power. The officials elected are responsible to the citizens that have elected them in that they must dutifully represent the wishes of the people in the conducts of their business. In both countries, the levels and tiers of government resemble each other, even in that they both have cabinets to oversee large sections of government, such as financial, health, defense, and environmental concerns. Both systems allow for liberal autonomy in their provinces or states. The officials can filibuster, though in the U.S. time is not limited as it is in Canada. However, most of the direct likenesses end there. There are many differences in the two types of governments, but some are more striking to me than others are. For instance, in Canada, political election campaigns are limited in their length to no more than 35 days, the funding for the campaigns is extremely limited, and most of it comes from the tax coffers in that country. Most of their leaders have no personal fortunes, nor do they spend what they may have in electoral...
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