Comparative Essay: Tom’s Party V.S. Gatsby’s Party

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: August 15, 2012
Joanne Kwan
April 24, 2012
Comparative Essay: Tom’s Party v.s. Gatsby’s Party

The comparison between the two parties of Tom and Gatsby portrays the main difference between a Manhattan party and a West Egg (New money) party. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author, uses this comparison to portray the 1920’s as an era of corrupted social and moral values. Although the parties at both Tom and Gatsby’s are drenched in alcohol, the motivation behind the parties is different. Tom’s main goal in throwing a party at Manhattan was to please Myrtle. The party was situated in Manhattan because Tom couldn’t risk affecting his social status by openly associating with his mistress, Myrtle, while his wife Daisy was resided in East Egg. Despite Tom’s cautiousness, he allows himself to get drunk and enjoy his party. In fact, Tom becomes the biggest boor in the party by punching Myrtle during an argument. Tom’s party was the last thing from being impressive. Most ended up being embarrassed at their host, Tom and Myrtle. Gatsby has no particular reason for his parties, but all the attendees have a good time. Unlike Tom, Gatsby does not interact with his guests and is rarely seen during his parties. Gatsby’s main goal in throwing parties are to attract his beloved, Daisy’s attention. Daisy is now married to Tom, but before she and Gatsby were madly in love. However, despite their ardent love, Daisy left Gatsby for Tom, the old money. Since their separation, Gatsby became one of the wealthiest people in West Egg, and used his prosperity to get Daisy back. Gatsby’s parties are his desperate attempts to draw Daisy’s attention back to him.

Scott Fitzgerald illustrates his main juxtaposition through the comparison between Tom and Gatsby; the old money and the new money. Tom’s party was located in Manhattan, in an apartment which Nick, the narrator, described as: -a small living-room, a small dining-room, a small bedroom, and a bath. The living- room was crowded to...
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