Comparative Essay: Mesopotamian Society to Chinese Society

Topics: China, Han Dynasty, Mesopotamia Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: November 14, 2010
WHAP Comparative Essay

While both Mesopotamia and China are arguably the most influential, prominent and successful civilizations of their time and region, China’s advanced government, agricultural success, sophisticated number system, complex irrigation and overall stability prompts it to be the greatest impact on today’s society.

Mesopotamia, as well as China, developed languages- both written and spoken- that are still somewhat used today. These languages were used as framework for later, more complex languages all over the world. In addition to developing languages, Mesopotamia and China were both prominently, essentially, polytheistic. The Chinese mostly believed in But amidst they’re similarities, they had many differences. Mesopotamia lacked a central government, mostly because they were a predominantly nomadic civilization and never stuck around long enough to focus on this. Mesopotamian’s lacked leadership, while China was ruled by many dynasties- the Qin, The Han, and the Shang- one of them still prevalent today. These dynasties served as a central government and a basis for leadership, it also helped China accomplish what Mesopotamia could not: a means of stability. Mesopotamian farmers were familiar with metals, bronze and copper. While the Chinese were familiar with these as well, they did not fully utilize them, as the Mesopotamian’s did. The Chinese ultimately developed irrigation, the Mesopotamian’s required it for the land, as it was dry. This required coordination and communication. This coordination served as a basis for political structure and communal strategy. While the Chinese were harmonious with nature, the Mesopotamian’s were prone to stress because they preferred that humankind and nature have a gap. They did not embrace it as the Chinese did. In fact, the Chinese embraced nature so much, that a religion loosely based on harmonious nature developed, one of the key concepts, being referred to as, “yin and yang”, or “Daoism”...
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