Comparative Essay: Mesopotamian & Egyptian Civilizations

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Working class Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Mesopotamia and Egypt are the two of the several remarkable civilizations that have had a vast impact on our present day society. Both were similar socially as they had comparable social class systems, agricultural societies, and woman’s roles. However, both differ in view of after life, the status of a king or ruler, as well as the process of death. The main reasons to why these two civilizations were so successful were due to the fact of their incredibly similar social characteristics.

There are several similarities the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian civilizations share. Both had a common basic social class system. On top stood either the royals or priests, right below them followed the middle class, and at the base of the pyramid remained the lower class. Slaves from both societies were able to buy their freedom through either loyal service or money. The class systems also affected the lives of men and women giving each class a restriction of rights. The two civilizations had an economic system that was mostly based on their agriculture. Their agriculture depended on their near water source and its seasonable flooding. Most people, during the time, were farmers and worked on fields and crops. During the farming seasons, the farmers created a surplus of food; enough for their families and enough to sell to make profit. Eventually, new technologies and inventions arose to help make farming and producing goods simple. One example could be their conception of an irrigation system, which got water to their crops in a much easier and efficient way. Lastly, both Mesopotamian and Egyptian women obtained similar roles. Basically they were expected to cook, clean, and look out for the children as well as their husbands. A woman never had a great deal of a purpose during ancient times, though it was believed their only purpose in life was to reproduce. Although women engaged in restricted rights, they did acquire certain privileges. Wealthy or middle-class woman could...
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