Comparative Analysts of British and Frence Political Government System

Topics: United Kingdom, Westminster system, Prime minister Pages: 9 (2854 words) Published: March 21, 2012
The term government refers to the administrative bureaucracy that controls a state at a given time. It is a system comprising of legislators, administrators, and arbitrators who make and enforce policies, as well as the mechanism for deciding which policies are good for the state. Government is not abstract; it is made up of a body of individuals who control and have responsibility for the political decision-making in a given state. The creation and implementation of social, economic, security and other policies are essentially critical for the good governance of any state or country. There are different types of regimes or system of governments. However, a state is usually governed by a continuous succession of different governments; a particular government may serve for a term or two consecutive terms, or for a much longer time depending on the regime type. The function of the government is to enforce laws, legislate new ones, to settle conflicts, and to guarantee economic growth and development that is beneficial to the citizenry. The word government has come from the Latin infinitive “gubernare,” which means “to govern” or “to manage”. In the parliamentary systems, the word government is often used; however, in the presidential systems what you hear is the executive branch. The parliamentary system of government has a prime minister and a cabinet; in other cases government refers to executive, legislative, bureaucratic of judicial. In this paper, a comparative analysis of two systems of governments will be undertaken such as the British system of government and the French system of government; to reflect their similarities, as well as their differences. The British system is one that has been evolved over many centuries, and has undergone large minor and major adjustments to ensure that the system work for the benefit of the citizenry. In contrast, the French system of government has considerably on many occasions, thus creating a sharp difference between the two systems of governments. In 1958, it has been noted that Charles de Gaulle has made some changes to the French constitution that was approved by the French public, and that constitution forms the basis for what is known today as the semi-presidential system of government in France. Britain, however, is a democratic constitutional monarch with a system of government known as the Westminster Model. This system of government has been used copied by several countries throughout the world. Britain’s constitution is unwritten and comprises of convention and statutory law and common law; these laws are known as the British constitutional law.

A Comparative Analysis of Two Western Political Systems –Great Britain and France 1.1. The British Political System
It is imperative that we establish the countries comprising what is known today as Great Britain: England, Scotland, and Wales. However, Great Britain and Northern Ireland form the United Kingdom. The central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is referred to as Her Majesty’s Government, and the government is led by a Prime Minister who has the privilege of selecting all the other ministers of government. In this parliamentary system, the Prime Minister and the most senior Ministers belong to the supreme decision-making committee or the Cabinet. All the government ministers are members of parliament and accountable to parliament; the parliament makes primary legislation, and a government must seek re-election at least every five years. On the other hand, if a vote of no-confidence is called after a government-sponsored bill has been defeated in the House of Commons, and the vote of no-confidence has been passed, the Prime Minister may either resign or ask the monarch to dissolve parliament in order to call a general election; the Prime Minister may win or lose the general election, thus it becomes the responsibility of...
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