Comparative Analysis of Radio Mirchi 98.3 & Fever 104 Fm

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Comparative analysis of

Radio Mirchi 98.3


Fever 104 FM


To perform a comparative analysis of two Private FM stations in India.

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of both the stations.


This research is on the Comparative analysis between two private FM radio stations Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Fever 104 FM.

The analysis is on the basis of their programming style, Programme schedule, audience preference, the Strengths and weaknesses of both the channels.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM:


Radio Mirchi’s holding company Entertainment Network (India) Limited (ENIL) was incorporated in 1999. After successfully bidding for licenses in the Phase I auction in 2000, ENIL launched its first station in Indore on October 4, 2001. In the space of 24 months, Radio Mirchi made its presence felt in seven cities; along the way it also became the only private FM brand in all the four metros.

Radio Mirchi was also the first off the mark to launch a station from the lot of cities included in Phase II. In quick succession it launched Bangalore, Hyderabad and Jaipur in early 2006 and completed the final rollout of the remaining 22 stations recently.

Programming Style:

The programming content of radio mirchi principally revolves around contemporary film music. It’s a fun-filled package of pure energy hosted by turbo charged radio jockeys, who also host interviews with celebrities and engage listeners in lively conversation.

Reasons of being No.1

Its development has been the result of intensive research, top quality programming and aggressive marketing. It keeps the brand relevant to customers and remains high on the recall quotient. Various promotional activities have infused and injected it with panache. Annual events like the Mirchi Kaan Awards for radio advertising industry, over competition. Mirchi Achievers Forum was launched in 2006 to honor prominent personalities in films and sport whose contribution to society has gone beyond the realm of their profession. The brand has everything to spice up the rough and tumble of modern day living. Whether it’s beating the Monday morning blues, riding out a rough day at work, shutting out the weariness of negotiating bumper-to-bumper traffic or simply getting into the groove, there is one friend people can turn to, any time of the day or night – Radio Mirchi. It’s hot and it’s happening because the brand strives to add fun to every moment.

The pick of the slots includes the

Breakfast show (7:00am to 11:00am)

Youth-oriented Programming (2:00pm to 5:00pm)

Evening drive time (5:00pm to 9:00pm)

Old songs (9:00pm- 12:00 pm)

The late night show (12:00pm to 4:00am).


|Show Name |Days |Timings |RJ |About the show | |Hi Delhi |MON-SAT |7:00 am- 11:00 AM |Anant & Saurabh |This show gives you a complete breakfast from | | | | | |what’s happening in the world, weather, business, | | | | | |traffic updates, guests to the topic of the day, | | | | | |where Delhi gets to speak. Radio ke virus, RJ's | | | | | |Anant and Saurabh ensure you jumpstart your day. | |Mid Day Mohabbat |MON-SAT |11:00am-2:00pm |Stutee |In her true bindaas style she...
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