Comparative Analysis of Private, Public Banks

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study on impact of technology on customer needs in banking| |

Project on study on impact of technology on customer needs in banking







This is to certify that Nayana Shree N S of MBA FINANCE Semester IV {2012-13} has successfully completed the project on “Project on study on impact of technology on customer needs in banking” under the guidance of Mrs.Bickram .

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I Nayana Shree N S the student of MBA Finance Semester IV {2012-13} hereby declare that I have completed the project on “Project on study on impact of technology on customer needs in banking”.

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Many people have played a part in making this project study a success by giving their valuable inputs and useful suggestions.

Firstly I would express my gratitude to the University Of Mysore for providing me the opportunity to study the practical aspects of banking and insurance.

I am thankful to the principal Mrs.xxxxxxx for giving me an opportunity to work on this project.

I am also thankful to our co-ordinator Mrs. xxxxxx for her immeasurable encouragement and support.

I am also particularly grateful to my project guide xxxxx for extending his support and time.

Chapter No.| Titles| Pg. No.|
1| Introduction| 1-7|
2| Role Of Technology| 8|
3| E-Banking| 9-12|
4| Digital Signatures| 13-15|
5| Card Skimming| 16|
6| Credit Cards| 17-20|
7| Mobile Banking| 21-23|
8| Electronic Funds Transfer| 24-26|
9| Debit Cards| 27-33|
10| Telephone Banking| 34-35|
11| Uses Of Information Technology In Banks| 36-39|
12| Technology Vision 2020| 40-44|
13| Present Level of Computerization| 45-46|
14| Advantages of Technology| 47-48|
15| Disadvantages of Technology| 49-50|
16| Nature and Change in Banking| 51-53|
17| Issues and Challenges| 54|
18| Countermeasures to Frauds| 55-58|
19| Conclusion| 59|
20| Bibliography| 60|


In the five decades since independence, banking in India has evolved through four distinct phases. During Fourth phase, also called as Reform Phase, Recommendations of the Narasimham Committee (1991) paved the way for the reform phase in the banking. Important initiatives with regard to the reform of the banking system were taken in this phase. Important among these have been introduction of new accounting and prudential norms relating to income recognition, provisioning and capital adequacy, deregulation of interest rates & easing of norms for entry in the field of banking.

Entry of new banks resulted in a paradigm shift in the ways of banking in India. The growing competition, growing expectations led to increased awareness amongst banks on the role and importance of technology in banking. The arrival of foreign and private banks with their superior state-of-the-art technology-based services pushed Indian Banks also to follow suit by going in for the latest technologies so as to meet the threat of competition and retain their customer base.

Indian banking industry, today is in the midst of an IT revolution. A combination of regulatory and competitive reasons have led to increasing importance of total banking automation in the Indian Banking Industry.

Information Technology has basically been used under two different avenues in Banking. One is Communication and Connectivity and other is Business Process Reengineering. Information technology enables sophisticated product development, better market infrastructure, implementation of reliable techniques for control of risks and...
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