Comparative Analysis of Fred Andrews

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Comparative analysis
Fred Andrews: Fred Andrews is a white aboriginal. He has had a very tough life, with many bad experiences. The special thing with Fred is that he is a white aboriginal. It helps him a bit to hide his aboriginal background, but he wants to be who he really is, and wants to be accepted though he is aboriginal. He is white because his mother married a whitefella, so Fred’s father is white. Fred has been very lonely during his childhood, and first when he became teenager he started to play with other aboriginal children, but that was not always a good thing for Fred. He did not really like these black aboriginals. He thought that they were drinking and fighting too much and Fred ended up in jail. That was a big issue, but he had no choice. He lost his self-esteem because people on his job called him “dirty black bastard” and “Abo bastard”. The text also says in line 33) that he has not gone back to his tribe. It means that he tries to start a new life in a new environment. Billy Woodward: Billy is a black man with a great career and a nice car. That’s very unusual for an aboriginal man to have that much success. But there is also a dark side in his life. Billy was forced to travel away from his very poor family and the slum environment if he wanted to play football, and he made that choice. That meant that Billy’s family thinks that he is a kind of a traitor because Billy never cares about his family. When Billy’s father died, Billy does not show up to the funeral and that makes his mother very disappointed. Later when he comes back to the slum he gets arrested for robbery of a watch his brother gave him, only because the white people do not trust the black aboriginals. The watch was stolen, but it was not Billy who stole it. So they are actually arresting him for a robbery that he did not commit.

There are some different reasons to choose both lives. Billy is a successful guy, but he is lonely and he has no family and love around him....
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