Comparative Analysis of Csr Activities of Psus

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  • Published : August 22, 2010
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Steel Authority Of India
|Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is the leading steel-making company in India. It is a fully integrated iron and steel | |maker, producing both basic and special steels for domestic construction, engineering, power, railway, automotive and defence | |industries and for sale in export markets. | |  | |Ranked amongst the top ten public sector companies in India in terms of turnover, SAIL manufactures and sells a broad range of| |steel products, including hot and cold rolled sheets and coils, galvanised sheets, electrical sheets, structurals, railway | |products, plates, bars and rods, stainless steel and other alloy steels. SAIL produces iron and steel at five integrated | |plants and three special steel plants, located principally in the eastern and central regions of India and situated close to | |domestic sources of raw materials, including the Company's iron ore, limestone and dolomite mines. The company has the | |distinction of being India’s second largest producer of iron ore and of having the country’s second largest mines network. | |This gives SAIL a competitive edge in terms of captive availability of iron ore, limestone, and dolomite which are inputs for | |steel making. | |SAIL's wide range of long and flat steel products are much in demand in the domestic as well as the international market. This| |vital responsibility is carried out by SAIL's own Central Marketing Organisation (CMO) that transacts business through its | |network of 37 Branch Sales Offices spread across the four regions, 25 Departmental Warehouses, 42 Consignment Agents and 27 | |Customer Contact Offices. CMO’s domestic marketing effort is supplemented by its ever widening network of rural dealers who | |meet the demands of the smallest customers in the remotest corners of the country. With the total number of dealers over 2000 | |, SAIL's wide marketing spread ensures availability of quality steel in virtually all the districts of the country. | |SAIL's International Trade Division ( ITD), in New Delhi- an ISO 9001:2000 accredited unit of CMO, undertakes exports of Mild | |Steel products and Pig Iron from SAIL’s five integrated steel plants. | |With technical and managerial expertise and know-how in steel making gained over four decades, SAIL's Consultancy Division | |(SAILCON) at New Delhi offers services and consultancy to clients world-wide. | |SAIL has a well-equipped Research and Development Centre for Iron and Steel (RDCIS) at Ranchi which helps to produce quality | |steel and develop new technologies for the steel industry. Besides, SAIL has its own in-house Centre for Engineering and | |Technology (CET), Management Training Institute (MTI) and Safety Organisation at Ranchi. Our captive mines are under the | |control of the Raw Materials Division in Kolkata. The Environment Management Division and Growth Division of SAIL operate from| |their headquarters in Kolkata. Almost all our plants and major units are ISO Certified. | | | |Major Units  | |Integrated Steel Plants | |...
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