Comparative Analysis Between Students Performances in Mathematics and Science

Topics: Education, Mathematics, Social sciences Pages: 14 (4596 words) Published: May 8, 2013
(A case study of Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Kano)

Olowo Sunday Ezekiel Department of Computer science/ Statistics Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology. Kano.

This study examined extends to which comparative analysis between student performances in Mathematics and Science in ND1 final result for 2010/2011 session of Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology Kano. This study sought data from 30 students in ND1 comprises of those department namely; Agricultural Technology, Food Technology and Science Laboratory Technology. using 20 items self constructed validated and reliable questionnaire which was found to be appropriate. The instrument sought information on the teacher’s variable, such as method, attitude, understanding, motivation and student variable such as interest, determination, attitude, influence, environment etc. findings indicate that students background in mathematics and science. Teaching of mathematics with practical approach and student determination and interest found to be best predictor of students performance in Mathematics and Sciences and gender teacher variable did not influence students performance in Mathematics and Science . It was suggested that the teacher variable be improved, determination and interest such subjects by students should be improved, and teaching of mathematics should be made practically oriented rather than abstract in nature.

The importance accorded mathematics in the school curriculum from primary to tertiary school level reflects accurately the vital role played by the subject in contemporary society. At the most basic level i.e. secondary level. The knowledge of mathematics is essential in the conduct of every day living and in engineering, natural and social science. Mathematics therefore is a tool in the hands of scientist in carrying out their day-to-day activities. This is why Onwudiegwu(1988) opined that at every stage Mathematics has to be constructed. According to Adetula (2005) describes Mathematics as a science of numbers quantity, shape and space. Therefore Mathematics and Science in quote are interwoven and depend on each other. It is also seen that Mathematics is a science subject that supplies the necessary support needed by each subject most especially Science subject so as to arrived at their desired goal. Mathematics has always be regarded as the language of science. It is the most important discipline in training logical reasoning, which every students must mentally acquired before doing well in every other subject. Hence the concepts in Mathematics are useful in solving problem in science , Technology and applied engineering. Unfortunately, as Mathematics served as tools for solving problem in Science subjects still final ND1 result 2010/2011 was not encouraging. Hence Mathematics and Science subjects of students of Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Kano were not good enough. Hence this problem calls for a proper investigation and lasting solution that will arrest the problem. This could be as a result of background of the students in such subjects or shortage of qualified Mathematics and Science teachers poor methodology etc. From the historical days of the early human societies to the time when mathematics was used by the Russians, Mathematics has played a fundamental role in economic development of many countries of the world, the subject has been fond to be very important in that, it is needed for all scientific and technological researches and technical students in external examination and the attainment in the...
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