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  • Published: August 31, 2006
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Business to consumer websites are very helpful tools for shopping and making purchases. A shopper no longer has to drive to the mall to pick up a few items, they can just surf the web and have their items shipped in a day or two.

I have explored two web sites both within the same industry - beauty industry. First, The brief information of both companies will be presented. Then I will compare these companies according to Performance of Web page; the delivery; the payment methods, which these companies accept; the security. And, finally, I will compare

prices, by ordering the same product from both Companies. and are the sites being explored.

Company Information is one of the trading websites for Ltd, an Internet retailer trading since 1999.

The mission of the company is to provide a customer with premium beauty products at extremely competitive prices 24 hours a day. Being a pure-play Internet retailer, costs are considerably lower than a High Street retailer, and the company pride itself on passing these savings on to a customer. is a Hong Kong based company, operating since 1996 and currently supplying customers in over one hundred different countries.

The company is Biz Rate Gold Star rated by over 10,000 customers

Operating on Yahoo Shopping for several years, this retailer has a 4.5 Stars Very Good rating.

The Performance of Web pages. is the most widely know site among these two. When you start searching cosmetics to buy The will be the first site recommended. Strawberrynet is an eye catcher. When you first get to the site it has nice violet colors and large titles - this really catches the user's attention. In this Internet-shop a user can find basically whatever he wants at low prices. Strawberrynet is very easy to use. It basically has any possible thing a buyer could want. It has its own product search engine so the customer can type in whatever he is looking for and get matches immediately. The customer service menu is available. In this menu the custumer can find answer to all basic questions that might appear during the shopping. To my opinion, this is very helpful.

The next site being reviewed is Beautybay is not as widely know as Strawberrynet, but is still respectable. It is very helpful and easy to use. On Beautybay's homepage it has featured items that are discounted more than usual. Beautybay is basically like Strawberrynet and sells anything a user could want. This page has are quick links to all its products and is very easy to navigate through. Also it is convenient for customers to have all products divided into categories. Beautybay is very similar to Strawberrynet, but the disadvantage is that the product range is visibly narrower than it is in Strawberrynet. What I most like about is that the site has some sections where experts give some advice on how to use cosmetics, how to apply fragrance and provide customer with basic information about the beauty products.

What is very important for any customer is- the virtual basket- is a list of the goods noted by the user. The list of the goods that are interesting to the visitor. Before registration of purchase in virtual shop the visitor looks through the list of the selected goods and deletes from a basket unnecessary. At use of a virtual basket data about the order are made out once for all chosen goods at once. It relieves the user of repeated data input about itself for each ordered goods. Presence of a basket in both shops shows a high level of construction of shop.


Having traded on the internet for long period of time, both companies understand the importance of the service and reliability customers have come to expect from online retailers. Bearing this in mind, Strawberrynet and...
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