Comparative Analysis

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: April 19, 2008
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Comparative Analysis Paper
Frank Ferguson
ENG – 120
Charlene Gray Ph.D.

This is a comparative analysis of the two poems The Old Florist by Theodore Roethke and Factory Work by Deborah Boe. This analysis will be of the differences and similarities of these two poems, showing the relationship between them as well as how they are written. In addition, the analysis will show any poetic techniques used by the poets.

These two poems share the same relationship; they are both poems about the workplace and show the pride that is put forth by each character in his and her job. The first poem, The Old Florist by Theodore Roethke, the reader gets the sense of pride the florist has for his job in the last line of the poem, “or to stand all night watering roses, his feet blue in rubber boots”. (Roethke, 1996). In the last line, the reader gets the feeling of the characters pride from the use of a hyperbole as well as figurative language. The figurative language that is used is found in the second half of this sentence, “his feet blue in rubber boots.” This is referring to how cold his feet were form watering the flowers. The hyperbole is found in the first half of the sentence, “or to stand all night watering roses,” this sentence is exaggerated to show the willingness, dedication and pride the florist has for his job.

In the second poem, Factory Work by Deborah Boe, the sense of pride the character has for her job is found in the lines “last week they ran a contest to see which shankers shanked fastest. I’m not embarrassed to say I beat them all” (Boe, 1996). Although the first of these two sentences may not have much importance by itself but sets up the next sentence which shows the characters pride knowing that she is the best at what she does, “I’m not embarrassed to say I beat them all” (Boe, 1996). The denotation of the contest is how the reader is able to find out that the character is the best at what she does....
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