Comparation Study of Instant Noodle Nong Shim Korea and Indomie Indonesia

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COMPARATION STUDY OF INSTANT NOODLE NONG SHIM KOREA AND INDOMIE INDONESIA AS THE EFFECT OF PACKAGING DESIGN POINT OF INTEREST TO THE CONSUMER BRAND PREFERENCE Listia Natadjaja Lecturer Visual Communication Design Art and Design Faculty of Petra Christian University ABSTRACT For a long time, people have consumed the instant noodle. In Korea, instant noodle, which is called Ramyon, is one of popular food and it is often seen in the retail shop, supermarket, restaurant and cafeteria. Instant noodle that has a famous brand in Korea is produce by Nong Shim Co., Ltd. In Indonesia, many people have consumed the instant noodle with practice reason, fast serving, and etc. Indomie, produced by PT. Indofood, is the number one brand and become the market leader of instant noodle. Comparing at two famous brand of instant noodle, it is needed to be known how far the effect of packaging design can attract the consumer brand preference. Keywords: packaging design, brand preference, instant noodle.

Sudah sejak lama, masyarakat mengkonsumsi mie instant. Di Korea mi instan yang disebut Ramyon, adalah salah satu makanan yang popular dan banyak dijual di toko-toko kecil, supermarket, restoran dan kantin. Mi instan yang terkenal di Korea diproduksi oleh Nong Shim Co., Ltd. Di Indonesia, kebanyakan orang mengkonsumsi mi instan dengan alasan praktis, cepat saji dan lain sebagainya. Indomie, yang diproduksi oleh PT. Indofood adalah merk nomor satu dan menjadi pemimpin pasar pada pasar mi instan. Dalam studi komparasi antara dua merk terkenal ini, perlu diketahui seberapa jauh peran desain kemasan dalam menarik minat konsumen terhadap pilihan merk. Kata kunci: desain kemasan, pilihan merk, mi instan.

INTRODUCTION As the consumers have more choice to the products, packaging design has been developed following the variety of products. Some of the product have same quality and quantity, but what make them difference among the other is their packaging design. Consumer can not taste or see the product, but they can see the packaging directly and then make a decision. That’s the reason why packaging is one important factor effected the consumer decision. Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual, Fakultas Seni dan Desain –Universitas Kristen Petra 123

NIRMANA Vol. 5, No. 2, Juli 2003: 123 - 136

In the case of instant noodle packaging design, consumer can see many kind of instant noodle. Packaging is one of the factors that can attract the consumer through the design. There are many factors direct or indirect that affected the consumer brand preference. Those factors can be inside the product like taste and quantity, or outside factor which can be packaging design, direct promotion, advertising etc. Before discussing about the effect of packaging point of interest to the consumer brand preference, it would be better if we look at the history of instant noodle which determined the development of instant noodle packaging design. Instant noodles have become a common kitchen item in most Far East countries since its introduction in 1958. Noodles have a history of more than 2000 years in China and from there it has spread to Japan and Europe. However, it was not until 1958 that Nissin Foods of Japan introduced the first instant "Chicken Ramen" which was intended to be eaten anywhere. 1 Instant noodle is called “Raumen” in Japan. "Raumen"is a noodle soup loved by all Japanese. The four components of raumen noodles, sauce, broth and toppings can create countless variations. The key ingredients in the sauce include salt soy-sauce and miso. The history of Raumen had not appeared by 1900.Since this year, Chinese cooks have started to make Chinese noodle in all over in Japan and Japanese people re-make those noodle for Japanese climate and favorite taste. In 1958 Raumen rapidly became popular among the Japanese...
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