Comparation Pholem and Xylem

Topics: Xylem, Plant anatomy, Phloem Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Comparison chart

| |Phloem |Xylem | |Function: |Transportation of food and nutrients such as |Water and mineral transport from roots to aerial| | |sugar and amino acids from leaves to storage |parts of the plant. | | |organs and growing parts of plant. This movement| | | |of substances is called translocation. | | |Movement: |Bidirectional (Moves up or down the plant's stem|Unidirectional (Moves up the plant's stem) | | |from "source to sink") | | |Occurrence: |Roots, stems and leaves. transports sucrose to |Roots, stems and leaves | | |growth (roots and shoots) and storage regions of| | | |the plant (seeds fruit and swollen roots) | | |Additional Functions: |Forms vascular bundles with xylem |Forms vascular bundles with phloem and gives | | | |mechanical strength to plant due to presence of | | | |lignin cells. The lignified secondary wall also | | | |makes the xylem waterproof and prevent it from | | | |collapsing under the pressure of water | | |...
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