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Topics: Registered nurse, College, Nursing Pages: 5 (1962 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Brad Izatt Eng-101
Fay Rouseff-Baker
Mar 7, 2013
Choices of a Lifetime
There have been many different moments in my life where I am forced to make an educated and well thought out choice between two or more things. For example, after high school I needed to decide on whether or not I wanted to play football in college or just be a full time student and work a job. Oddly enough I ended up choosing college football at a private college over attending a junior college this last fall, a choice I soon came to regret. In a short summary of my first college experience, I jumped into a big decision without thinking enough about it and I am now attending Parkland College and working at JT Walker’s a sports bar in Mahomet, Illinois. I give you an example of a hard choice I have had to make in my life recently because in the next couple of semesters at Parkland College I will need to make another tough decision. Even though I have my major picked out already which is Nursing, I still need to decide whether or not I want to discontinue my education after I get my associates degree to be a Registered Nurse, or to continue on with my education and become a Nurse Practitioner. There are many things to consider when choosing a career, even if they are similar occupations it does not always mean they are the same in every aspect of the job. A few of the topics I will be comparing between my current job and the two I just listed in my essay will be location, salary, environment, and responsibilities.

Almost everybody who is out of college and working in their career has the one job that they despise more than any other. For me that job just so happens to be at my current place of employment. I have been working at Jt Walkers restaurant and sports bar in Mahomet, Illinois as a bar back since October of 2012. This is not the first time that I have worked at Jt’s, I also worked there my sophomore year after basketball season but then had to quit for football season. There has been a big difference between the first time I worked at Jt’s and the current time and that is what the job entails. When I first worked at this job, my duties were mainly to restock the bar with alcohol or ice or whatever the bartenders needed, bus all the tables, and to bring out food when the waitresses become too swamped with customers to do so. My duties currently entail, restock the bar, bus all tables, bring out all the food to the tables upstairs and down, make the dressings, and to take out the boxes and trashes for the restaurant and in the kitchen at the end of the night. I have no problem with working hard as long as I am going to get paid for what I do compared to what everyone else does in the business. One thing I do not understand is how I take out all of the food for every waitress while all they do is take the order and type it in to the computer yet they get paid twice what I do, but salary is only one link to a great job. Now everything about my job at Jt’s I wouldn’t consider to be bad, one being the location. Since I live in country of Mahomet, I am closer to Fisher, Illinois than I am to Mahomet but it’s better than driving to Champaign for work. Along with location as a plus, I also have a good job environment at Jt Walkers. I love sports and there is always a game on TV while I am working so if the restaurant ever gets very slow and boring I can watch a game for a few minutes. With that being said, I still work at a bar so of course there will always be drunken people present on the weekends mostly. There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeatedly ask a customer to move so you can get by while I have three hot plates in my hands after just walking up a steep flight of stairs. l can say that working at Jt Walkers has taught me a lot about the workplace and restaurants in general; I was very surprised to realize how many people in the world do not have common restaurant courtesy. All in all, working at a job such as my current...
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