Compar and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast Absolutism and Constitutionalism Matrix

By the close of the 17th century, England had developed into a Constitutional Monarchy and France had developed into an Absolutist, centralized form of monarchy.

Complete the matrix below to examine why this happened.

|Deciding Factors |England Constitutional |France Absolutist | | |Monarchy |Monarchy | |Revenue concerns |What did England do to increase revenue? |What did France do to increase revenue? | |due to the increased cost of warfare | |France increased the power and at the same | | |In England what they did to increase the |time he increased the taxes. He also | | |revenue was to receive money by charging |increased rates of traditional taxation. | | |taxs, and give all the money to the king. | | | | | | | | | | |Religious Factors |How did England react to the rise of |How did France react to the rise of | | |Puritanism? |Protestantism? | | | |France , reacted to the rise of | | |England react in the rise of puritism on |Protestantism in the way of buying catholic| | |wanting to enforce a law in were people |churches, and bulling kids from their | | |must attend to catholic churchs. |families to attend catholic churches. Also | | | |it was due to the taxation. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Institutional Differences |How did the English King rule? |How did the French King rule? | | | |The French rule by been more restricted and| | |The way that the English way of ruling |having more power and taking advantage of | | |differed from the French, was that although|decision making. He Govern , in a political| | |the English did have Rulers who were the |way with the taxation, and the new | | |ones in charge they still had to follow the|emergencies lives against the rotting | | |laws from the government, and it was not |foundations of the old structure. | | |just up to them to set laws or make | | |...
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