Companycase Target: from "Expect More" to "Pay Less"

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Sample Sales Plan for a John / Jane Doe

October 26, 2010

2011 Sales plan - Draft v1.0

Vision 3-5 years

To stay in the top 5 producers nationally, make Presidents Club every year. Produce $5M annually, earn $350K /year minimum


Every customer a strong reference

Objectives – 2011

1.Increase my sales from $1.5M to $3.0M
2.Open up minimum of 3 new major accounts, each with revenue potential of $1M each annually. 3.Increase number of active accounts from 50 to 70


1.Lead my account team to sell at multiple levels in my top 10 target accounts 2.Cross sell our full range of product offerings through inviting prospects to visit current customers 3.Implement our contact system goals, maintain or exceed my goals for outgoing calling, appointment setting and proposal goals. Track and monitor utilizing our ACT CRM system


1.Schedule two site visits / per month with new top prospects to existing customers 2.Meet with minimum of two high potential existing customers / month with my team. First visit by 1/30 3.Average three executive prospect meetings / week starting 2/15 4.Complete new prospect / account analysis by 1/1/11

5.Develop new sales presentation including revised sales value proposition 1/1/11 6.Develop account plans for top 10 targets accounts. Keep updated for monthly management reviews. First review 1/15/11 7.Begin bi-monthly direct mail to stay in touch with top 30 existing customers, starts 1/5 8.Add and train a new sales / marketing admin no later than end of Q2
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