Company Q's Attitude toward Social Responsibility

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Objective 310.2.1-05|
Lauren Treesh|

Evaluate Company Q’s attitude toward social responsibility|

Company Q is a small grocery store chain in a major metropolitan area. They have recently closed two stores due to high crime rate, and losing money. The store has started to provide health conscience and organic food to its customers by request. Local food banks have asked if the company would donate day-old products. The company has refused due to possible fraud and theft. The three areas that Company Q can improve are economic, philanthropic, and ethical. The first area that Company Q can improve regarding social responsibility is economic. If Company Q would open the option of donating items, they open themselves to more business. People are more willing to shop from stores who are willing to be a helpful part of society. Also by donating it may help reduce theft. If people have food available to them, then there is no need to steal. This helps the economy because stores won’t have to drive up prices to compensate for theft losses, therefore, keeping prices affordable. Also, if they are throwing product away then they should evaluate how much they are ordering. If they are throwing lot of product away then they are not making much profit. They need to reduce the quantity ordered. The second area that Company Q can improve regarding social responsibility is philanthropic. By donating day-old products, they are giving back to the community. They’re going to lose money on those products they donate just the same as if they threw it away. However, people who cannot afford to buy groceries will benefit. This will create a positive image for Company Q in the community. The third area Company Q can improve regarding social responsibility is ethical. They need to build a positive image and have a positive impact on stakeholders and consumers. The stakeholders are like consumers, they don’t want to be part of...
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