Company Transaction Processing System

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Chapter 1

As today’s inventions became more advance, the influence of such inventions to the people brought two classes. These are the good and bad influence. The bad influence is that young generation now became addicted in online games and was became lazy in doing home works and the like. While the good influence is that offices in many departments that use computerized system their works become easier and faster since it eliminates the paper works and the workload of the employees too. Now, a most efficient, flexible and reliable system has become a must for any institution and organization. In order to achieve the improvement of the system that the department uses, the need to understand the system within the office is very important. From this period; we are living in the era where technology is more important in the progression of human life. The convenience of technology that everyone can achieve is very useful in everyday life. And even today, the very fast evolution of technology is continuing day by day. The effectiveness of technology plays an important role in many industries world wide. In business, schools or even individual can enjoy the convenience came from technology. All the things that seems to be impossible in the past now it is very easy to achieve because of the presence of technology

Try to imagine a college department with a most number of employees but still use a manual transaction system? One of the problems of many schools nowadays is the manual process of transaction system. With the use of the technology, each step by step process of a manual transaction system will reduce and also lessen the time to be consumed. That’s why the proponents proposed an automated transaction system to improve the transactions that may acquire by the use of technology. The automated transaction system makes the assessment and payment faster; it also covers accurate input of employee information including the evaluation of grades, subjects and scheduling. The system also covers the generating of employee identification together with the employee number in the form of barcode font style. This ID can be used in transaction by scanning his/her ID number to be automatically assessed. This barcode technology is very faster and suitable for this transaction. Short Message Service (SMS) is also a very good product of the innovation of technology. Nowadays it is very useful to the public because of its ability in long distance communication. Less effort than from past when we are using letter just to communicate with some relative miles and miles away from us. The proponents decided to use sms technology to have a better enhancement for the proposed system. The functionality of this technology is to provide a notification for the employees according to the updates of the school and also checking the grades of the employee. It would be possible with the use of the Short Message Service Technology that would be sending to the employees registered on the system.

The proponents of this study are eager to improve the manual system of transaction and make the process faster and accurate. The proposed system is intended for Colegio De Sebastian to upgrade their existing transaction process. The proposed system aims to improve the process of maintaining and storing data to maintain its security. The system will also help the administrator speed up the processing of accurate information to minimized time wasted in the present system by proposing a “Company Transactions Processing System” This chapter covers the background of the study, statement of the problem, conceptual framework, objectives of the study and scope and delimitation.

1.1 Background of the Study
In January 20, 2011, Colegio de Sebastian was founded by a couple who are known philanthropists and educators. Its primary purpose is to offer accessible quality education in the tertiary level, the...
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