Company Safety Brief in the Military

Topics: Risk, Non-commissioned officer, Soldier Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: August 26, 2012
The importance of a Company Safety Brief

Impact on soldier readiness
A company safety brief is a valuable, if not monotonous, tool in the Army that provides several core functions. Though the safety brief will bring soldiers from work, PT, or personal time, it also further prepares the soldiers for such. There are many soldiers out there that will use Composite Risk Management reflexively, in that they will evaluate a situation and avoid problems before they arise, or take on the situation with minimal risk. If greater risk is involved, the soldier will be more prepared to take on those scenarios with greater knowledge of the threat and a higher chance of success. There are also soldiers that will not use any sort of risk management or identification tool to reduce their chance for failure in whatever task they endeavor. These soldiers will rush headlong into an objective, either making a mockery of themselves or failing a mission altogether. The risks that are taken are unnecessary, simply because some thought and prior planning could have allowed said soldiers to avoid these risks. We all know what it’s like to have a safety brief take away from your time, whether that time be professional or personal. If the time taken is personal, the “bug in your ear” may make you put down that last drink, or hand off your keys to someone that can legally drive. You may arrive home, late for dinner, and that little whisper in the back of your head from the safety brief keeps you from losing your presence of mind when your spouse is enraged at your coming home late again. Also, safety briefs are never the same. Though you may be married and do not participate in Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers’ functions, you probably know someone in the formation that could use the company, distraction, and community service opportunities that BOSS offers. You may not be going to an NCO’s Dining Out as a specialist or below, but there are plenty of NCOs out in...
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