Company Reorganization, Part 2: Evaluating the Current Environment

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Company Reorganization, Part 2: Evaluating the Current Environment Enter Your Name
October 22, 2012
Dr. Abel May

The Survey
A survey is a method of gathering information from a number of individuals within an organization, to learn something about the larger population from which the data was collected. The information collected from surveys comes in many forms, and serve a variety of purposes. Some surveys focus on opinions and attitudes, whereas others are more concerned with the collection of factual information. However, many surveys do share certain characteristics; all are used to solicit employee feedback. There are seven common categories that should be included in a departmental or organizational survey. • Job

• Boss
• Development
• Group/Peers
• Compensation
• Company Strategies and Leaders
• Longevity
Most companies include questions specific to diversity in their employee surveys. The data collected is used to serve and increase knowledge of engagement and awareness. Employee satisfaction, opinion, attitude, engagement, and organizational assessment surveys collect information that can be used to measure and improve loyalty and commitment. The information collected from these surveys can be used to boost organizational productivity and will positively affect the organization’s top and bottom lines. They are very effective tools for measuring and improving relationships within organizations.

Target Employees
The employees that the survey will target consist of those employees who are considered standard employee. Elaboration of the definition of “standard” will be as follows. The standard employee will be any person who is not on the survey team, upper management, or any senior member of the company. The planning phase of survey development should directly target these...
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