"Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd”

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“Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd”.

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Date of Submission: 20th April , 2011


“Company Profile of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd.”


Late A.C.Abdur Rahim (1915-1982)
Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited

01. Background

Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited was established in 1950A.D. as a trading company. Late A.C. Abdur Rahim was the proprietor in this time. From 1954 it was established as a limited company. In the new environment he had to start afresh. He had little capital. His main assets were self-confidence and a strong faith in the Almighty, which carried him through all the difficulties with a remarkable triumph. He finally established a small proprietary trading company named Rahimafrooz & Co, in Chittagong in 1950 which was later incorporated on 15th April 1954, which is now Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd. Rahimafrooz expanded rapidly into various trading items. Within 5 years, Mr. Rahim was able to enter into a joint venture with Lucas (UK) to set up a modern automotive battery factory. He acquired the principal company Lucas Service Ltd in 1980 which is now known as Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Apart from business, he engaged himself in benevolent activities. All through his life he was respected for his values and caring attitude. After a few years he left that job and ventured into a small partnership business. During early 1940s, he got active in commercial trading of scarce items and gained valuable experience. In 1947, he decided to move to Chittagong to live in an environment of religious freedom.


Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited was started in business agreement with world famous England battery company Lucas from 1959. Later on, they established an ultramodern battery production factory in Nakhalpara Tejgaon, Dhaka with the “Lucas” Brand name. Then from 1980 it got license from the England Lucas Company collaborating technological and information support. He passed away on the 14th March 1982 in London leaving behind his dream, Rahimafrooz.

At present Rahimafrooz has been producing and marketing various kinds of batteries like automotive battery, storage battery etc. Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. also has been marketing world famous tire “Dunlop”. Now Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. is involved with various kinds of production distribution and agency ship business.

02. Vision

“To be leader in each market segment by being the most preferred supply source of quality products and services with high degree of customer delight.”

03. Mission Statement

1. • Increase volume & value share
2. • Reduce per unit distribution cost
3. • Increase product portfolio
4. • Strength distribution network
5. • Ensure quality people with high level commitment 6. • Benchmark customer services.

04. Milestones

|1954 |Incorporated by Mr. A.C. Abdur Rahim  | |1959 |Distributorship of Lucas Battery | |1978 |Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre | |1980 |Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK | |1985 |First producer of industrial battery...
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