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Approval Process for Real
Estate Projects in
Maharashtra (Mumbai)
Suggestions to Streamline
the System

Approval Process for Real Estate
Projects in Maharashtra

1. Ownership Certificate/Extract
Time required- 15 Days
Cost for obtaining approval: Rs. 50 per CTS No. / Property Registration Card Grant of Permission by Revenue Department

2. Building Layout Approval
Time required – 1 month
Cost for obtaining approval: Application fee of Rs 28 per square meter of plot/built up area whichever is larger for residential projects or Rs 56 per square meter for commercial projects) Grant of Permission by Development Authority/Municipality

The building company submits an application form with plans and all required documents, as prescribed by Section 373 of the BMC Act, at the Andheri Building Proposal Office of the BMC. If all documents are in order and the file is complete, the building company can proceed to payment of the scrutiny fees. Once the fees have been paid, the application file is forwarded to the concerned officer in the Building Proposal Department. Then the file is forwarded to the Survey Office, which make its remarks on the application file and check the remarks from the Development Plan office (obtained during the design stage of the project). If the Survey Office is satisfied with its review, it will send the application file back to the Building Proposal Department within one week. Receive site inspection from the Building Proposal Office of the BMC (Municipal) A sub-engineer from the Building Proposal Office will conduct a site inspection within 3 to 4 days of receiving the file from the survey office. The date and time of the site inspection are arranged by the company’s architect. The building company must be on-site when the inspection takes place. The sub-engineer scrutinizes the potential of the plot including the provision of civic infrastructure.

3. Obtain "intimation of disapproval" (building permit) from the Building Proposal Office

Time to complete – 30 - 45days

Approval Process for Real Estate
Projects in Maharashtra
Cost for IOD: Scrutiny fee of Rs 33 per sqmt for residential and Rs 66 per sqmt for commercial and Development charges of Rs 350 per sqmt for residential and Rs 700 for commercial. After the site inspection, the application file returns to the Building Proposal Office to receive an intimation of disapproval (authorization). The concerned sub engineer scrutinizes the proposal and forwards the report to the assistant engineer and executive engineers. The proposal is approved at the executive engineer’s level if no concessions are involved. The intimation of disapproval is issued with a list of "no-objection certificates" (NOCs) which the applicant must obtain separately from various departments and government authorities. Final clearance to build (Commencement Certificate) will only be given once the company obtains all NOCs and meet all IOD conditions. There are about 40 IOD conditions to be met by the builder to be eligible for applying for commencement certificate (CC). Major NOCs/IOD conditions are listed below: a)


Non-Agriculture (NA) permission
Tree Authority
Storm Water and Drain Department
Sewerage Department
Hydraulic Department
Environmental Department (concerned with debris management)
Consent to Establish & Operate
Ancient Monument Approval
Airports Authority of India
Traffic and Coordination Department
CFO (fire clearance)
Structural Plan Approval

4. Submit structural plans approved by a structural engineer to the BMC (Municipal) The Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) is only an approval of the civil plans. Review of the structural plans is done in parallel with the NOC process. No approval to this plan is required from the Municipal Corporation but copies are required to be submitted.

5. Non-Agriculture Permission
Time required- Minimum of 3 months. It...
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