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Due in Week Nine: Write 3 to 4 paragraphs giving a bottom-line summary of the specific measureable goals and objectives of the security plan, which can be implemented to define optimal security architecture for the selected business scenario.

Sunica Music and Movies will be implementing the best and affordable security measure and disaster recovery plan that is available. Our company will install the best firewall and security that will ensure that our customers and our company data are protected. We seek to maintain and recruit customers. We will always maintain confidentiality, availability, intertgity. By doing so, we shall and will keep the best computer systems and security that is available. Our goals are to expand our locations to other cities and states. By doing so we searching and researching all information security topics and learning that is available to the world. Our company will use routers will bastion hosts to protect our data and customers. We will use antivirus software and malware software to protect or computer systems. We stay informed on technology changes. This will keep our systems up and running properly. We use all forms of security controls to protect or data.


Due in Week One: Give an overview of the company and the security goals to be achieved.

1 Company overview

As relates to your selected scenario, give a brief 100- to 200-word overview of the company.

Sunica Music and Movies is a local multimedia chain with four locations. Each store has been acting independently of one another and has difficulty-coordinating customer sales from one store to another based on inventory. Because of poor communications, revenue and customer base have been lost due to jumbled inventory from store to store, decentralized accounting, and no Internet-based commerce. With the successful implementation of a WAN solution, all stores will have the ability to access a centralized database for inventory and dynamically reorder stock based on sales. Each location will tunnel all financial transactions through a central accounting package, eliminating bookkeeping errors, and centralizing the company finances. All transactions and customer inventory browsing will be done through a web interface and custom intranet website. To meet their need for an Internet customer base, web servers will be located in their data center and will tie in to the company’s accounting and transaction servers to provide real-time sales and inventory information to customers

2 Security policy overview

Of the different types of security policies—program-level, program-framework, issue-specific, and system-specific—briefly cover which type is appropriate to your selected business scenario and why.

There are four types of computer security policies:

Program-level policy is used for creating your computer security program.

Program-framework policy establishes your overall approach to computer security (i.e., a computer security framework).

Issue-specific policies address specific issues of concern to the organization.

System- specific policies focus on policy issues which management has decided for a specific system.

Program –level policy is appropriate because this use for creating a security program for our company. Program-framework policy will establish an overall approach to computer security for the company. Issue-specific policies will address specific issues of concern for the company. System –specific policies will focus on policy issues. Which management of the company will decide for specific system?

3 Security policy goals

As applies to your selected scenario, explain how the confidentiality, integrity, and availability principles of information security will be addressed by the information security policy.

1 Confidentiality

Briefly explain how the policy will protect information.

Confidentiality will assure that no unauthorized access to information is...
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