Company Overview: Standard Corporation India Ltd

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  • Published : September 13, 2012
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Company Overview
“STANDARD” is a well known brand in the field of Agricultural Machinery and construction equipment in India today. Standard Corporation India Limited (Formerly Standard Combines Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer of Tractor driven combines and self propelled harvesters since 1975. The Standard Group of Companies led by its Chairman & Managing Director S. Nachhattar Singh is serving the farmers/ users by manufacturing & providing high quality Machinery inputs for the last over three decades. Mr. Singh is ably supported by his younger brother S. Joginder Singh as Joint Managing Director. Standard Corporation India Limited is situated at Standard Chowk Barnala, Punjab, India and the corporate office of the company is based in New Delhi. The company also has manufacturing and assembly facilities at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The company also manufactures wide range of Agricultural Tractors, Hydraulic Mobile Cranes, Engines & Gensets. The company also entered into electronic media business by launching STANDARD WORLD 24 hour channel .The company has moved up in valued chain mainly because of deep relationship which it enjoys among farmers/users in the country. The company exports its products all over the world but mainly to the neighbouring countries as well as countries in the African continent.

Standard Corporation India Limited is the pioneer to invent tractor drawn combines in its present form ‘i.e’ the combine harvester with tractor mounted on the top of the machine similar to a self propelled combine in India during 1975. This idea of putting tractor on the top was liked by farmers so much for its ease of handling, operator convenience and better output that these STANDARD tractor driven combine harvesters are the largest manufactured and sold combines in the world today. Our self propelled combine harvesters are also well accepted in the market. The main reason behind the success of our combines is attributed to its simplicity in design and ease to handle in all working conditions. Besides, we also manufacture track type combine harvesters suitable for paddy cultivation. Our combine harvesters are available in latest salient features and different types to cater to all kinds of requirements and field conditions like varying from 8 to 15 feet capacity, with mechanical or hydraulic drive, two wheel as well as four wheel drive, wheel and track driven and in both types flows ‘i.e’ axial and straw walker type. This makes our combines very popular among all types of market segments.

The company conducted a detailed study to manufacture a rugged tractor suitable for all types of farming conditions in the world. STANDARD Tractors were well received in the market and continue to show a phenomenal growth year after year. Currently Standard is marketing tractor models in 24,30,35,40,45,50,55,60 & 75 HP range fitted with single cylinder, two, three & four cylinders. These includes tractors with 2-wheels and 4-wheels drive models with latest salient features for all types of farm and off farm applications. CRANES & EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT The company is also a leading manufacturer of sturdy and reliable Hydraulic Mobile Cranes and the range includes 9,11,13,15 & 20 tonnes. These machines have received an overwhelming response from the market. The company has also developed high capacity 35 and 50 tonnes truck mounted cranes and the same are being produced in Barnala (Punjab) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) plants. The company has also developed Back hoe loaders (both self propelled as well as Tractor mounted), soil compactors/ vibrators.

The company manufacture Engines in house, in single cylinder, two, three & four cylinders. These are highly fuel efficient and Bharat term III series engines meeting all emission norms. Using these engines, the company produces silent DG sets and the range includes 15, 20, 30 & 40 KVA. All...
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