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Propose or review the recruitment process in “ your organization ”

Recruitment process can be defined as the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization. Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the “organisation”. Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers. A few definitions of recruitment are: A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected. It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the requirement of staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organisation so that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool. The main objective of the recruitment process is to expedite the selection process. Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop a pool of qualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though specific vacancies do not exist. Usually, the recruitment process starts when a manger initiates an employee requisition for a specific vacancy or an anticipated vacancy.

Below are few steps of my company recruitment process. These key steps are designed to provide a consistent and effective recruitment process which can be used by line managers to greatly increase the chances of recruiting the right person for the job. For more information on some of the challenges and benefits of implementing a recruitment process, or integrating this with other employee management systems and business objectives, or details for having a consultant run a recruitment skills workshop with full supporting materials.

First of all, my company will clarify the job description. For the job vacancy, the specification and requirements will be finalised by the recruiters committees. The job responsibilities for the said position is listed as follows:

• Read and analyze incoming memos, submissions, and reports in order to determine their significance and plan their distribution.

• Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email.

• File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports.

• Perform general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work.

• Prepare agendas and make arrangements for Directors and other meetings.

• Conduct research, compile data, and prepare papers for consideration and presentation by executives, committees and boards of directors.

• Compile, transcribe, and distribute minutes of meetings.

• Participating in meetings (when needed) in order to record minutes.

• Coordinate and direct office services, such as records and budget preparation, personnel, and housekeeping, in order to aid Directors.

• Meet with individuals, special interest groups and others on behalf of management.

• Manage and maintain executives' schedules.

• Prepare invoices, reports, memos, letters, financial statements and other documents, using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and/or presentation software. (Whenever necessary).

Once it has been decided what job is going to be recruited for, a current job...
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