Company Motivational Profile Paper

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Company Motivational Profile Paper

Microsoft Corporation is a worldwide industry with an annual income of more than $33 billion. Microsoft is more the then largest software and computer company in the world, they are a cultural phenomenon. At the company’s core they base themselves off of producing, developing, manufacturing, and licensing computers and software products. Some of these products include operating systems, server applications, business and consumer applications, developing tools and Internet software. This monster corporation is lead by Bill Gates, one of the world’s wealthiest men and business censor. This company has successfully placed at least one of their products in every home computer in the world. This feat set the bar and the standards for the industry by defining what the market was demanding. In the past Microsoft has not always placed the greatest product out at first, however, after the proper corrections they would soon dominate that market. This type of passion for putting out a respected product has made Microsoft the worldwide success it is today. This company's products can be found throughout the world in virtually every household. In 1975, Gates started his empire, however that year Microsoft only profited a total of $16,000. Microsoft published Popular Electronics and version of BASIC for the machine. Microsoft also worked full time on developing programming languages. In 1977, Radio Shack and Apple asked Microsoft to be licensed under them and were known as Microsoft BASIC. This product was used for Apple II computers and the Tandy computer. Microsoft creates the world's leading Products and services offered in the market today. Microsoft had a big break in the 1980’s when IBM began to develop the first Personal Computer, also known as a PC. IBM had asked Microsoft to sign a contract with them in order for IBM to gain a workable program for the PC and provide an operating system. Microsoft took the contract and created the world’s leading PC for IBM. After a few other contracts Microsoft bought the PC from IBM and soon out sold their products. Microsoft now had the PC’s and the software to compete and beat all the competition around. In 1981, Microsoft Inc. closed out the year with over 130 employees and profits of $17 million. The company was well on its way to being one of the greatest. Microsoft launched one of the first word processing programs known as Word 1.0. This word program did not become successful until needed corrections were made and a new version of the program was released in 1989 called word 3.0. Word 3.0 quickly became one of Microsoft’s best selling products overnight. Microsoft did most of the work for Apple Inc. when Apple’s Macintosh PC was being devolved in 1984. This PC was a completely new design and featured graphics never before seen. The program that Microsoft created for Macintosh was easy to use and easy to learn. After the new Apple PC was released the revenues also increased for Microsoft due to their major role in the creation of the product. In 1995, the Microsoft Corporation introduced a new word program known as Windows 95. This word program sold more than 1.5 million copies in the first week after it was released. During the rest of that decade the company expanded very aggressively into new markets and business which helped the image of the company. In the last five years Microsoft has been busy and in the lead for all the competition for them. In 2009, Microsoft launched a new search engine called Bing which grabbed market share at the expense of Yahoo! Inc. Microsoft’s Bing took the search engine market by storm. The biggest feature for this search engine was a program that gave shoppers cash back when they used the search engine to make purchases. Microsoft decided to jump into the electronic gaming world and created a game console for the market. The game console would be named Xbox and it would shock...
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