Company Motivational Profile Paper:

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  • Published : June 17, 2007
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Company Motivational Profile Paper:
Home Depot Motivates

Home Depot Motivates

Decks, patios, bathrooms you name it, there is no job too difficult when Home Depot is there. Home Depot has helped many troubled individuals accomplish impossible tasks that seem like they can never be done. Home Depot has been around since the late 70's and has only gained more popularity as the years have passed. As one of the leading retailers in the United States, Home Depot is highly respected by the business world, customers, and also by thousands of Home Depot employees working around the world. With all of these employees comes enormous responsibility to maintain quality, sales, and productivity as well as employees motivation throughout the Home Depot franchise. All of these can be accomplished as long as companies take the time to figure out what exactly their employees want and need. By offering incentives and benefits that work for the employees, companies can expect to see better productivity, quality and overall satisfaction from their employees.

Home Depot was founded in 1978, in Atlanta Georgia by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. Before founding Home Depot, the two men were previously employed at a company named Handy Dan. After its launch, Home Depots sales skyrocketed topping one billion dollars annually by 1986. After retiring in 2000, Marcus and Blank turned over all responsibilities to Robert Nardelli; Nardelli was appointed chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Nardelli was no stranger to leadership roles as he was president and CEO of GE Power Systems for nearly thirty years.

Home Depot's slogan is a well known slogan that seems to fit exactly what Home Depot stands for. The slogan says "You Can Do It. We Can Help." This slogan means that Home Depot will be there whenever you need them. This does not mean that Home Depot doubts their customers abilities, rather that if by chance a customer gets lost or stuck or has any questions, Home Depot will help. Customers find that a house is only a house till Home Depot helps to make it a home. Friendly service and encouraging smiles is what will make customers continue to return time and again.

The Home Depot Franchise employs more than 355,000 people worldwide with 2,114 big-box format stores all over the United States. Home Depot is the prevalent retailer of products used for home improvement in the world. In the United States coming in second behind Wal-Mart Home Depot is the largest retailer, in the world behind Wal-Mart and a French company named Carrefour, Home Depot is third largest retailer. This comes to show that even with all of the new companies out there, Home Depot reaches out to employees and customers to be the best that they possibly can.

Home Depot carries many products that are used for many different jobs. There are many different exclusive brands that Home Depot carries such as Ryobi, Workforce, Thomasville cabinetry, Ralph Lauren paint, Hampton Bay lighting and ceiling fans, and Glacier Bay faucets. These are just to name a few but these brands are very popular within the home rebuilding industry and are in stock throughout the thousands of Home Depots around the world. There are many services that Home Depot offers to its customers, employees as well as the community. First of all Home Depot has many knowledgeable employees willing to work with customers to show them how to do a certain project. Home Depot also has demo areas around the store in which customers can try out products they are planning on purchasing. For example if a customer is interested in a certain brand of floor buffers or polishers, Home Depot can help them with their decisions. If the customer has no experience operating a floor buffer, they can learn and operate one right there in the store instead of damaging a newly purchased one at home. Customers really appreciate this and feel that Home Depot truly cares about helping them. By...
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