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H. Thylmann

The Kilianstädtermühle exists for over 650 years. In 1351 it is given by the Münzenberger governor of the castle count Philip von Falken stein to the steward of the Wetterauer land and regent of Hanau, Gottfried von Stockheim, to fief. Later the mill completely goes over in the hands of the Hanauer. 650 years tradition lets on a lot of experience in dealing with wheat and rye close.

About 1875
The small 2-storied land mill produces a daily performance of 1.5 metric tons of flour. Four special wheels which drive a tobacco mill and an oil mill with can be used. The mill building is considerably increased in this time of the economic departure in Germany (early days), particularly as it lies favourably with the Nidder sure about water and near big hypermarkets in Offenbach, Hanau and Frankfurt.

The natal year of Heinrich Thylmann. This extends the land mill in an industrial company.

The daily performance of the mill is incrased from 1.5 metric tons to 20 metric tons by technical renewals. The mill wheels are substituted by the end of the century with 50 HP turbines and 40 HP- Lokomobile. Besides, the engaged miller exerts himself successfully for the railway construction with siding track to his mill.

On 31.8.1911 the modern Mühlwerk completely burns out and must be sprinkled. The mill approaches only in the 20s again the old daily performance, particularly as the steam power is substituted with 50 HP of engine.

This year the mill equipment is altered once more. Two trucks with followers supply quickly the clientele.

The mill is raised on six floors and the silo arrangement and cleansing arrangement is incorporated in the mill building structurally. New roller chairs are put up and now the daily performance amounts to 54 metric tons.

This year dies Heinrich Thylmann. After his death the widow Anna Thylmann continues the company up to her death in 1979. The company goes over on her Daughter Anneliese.

The Kilianstädtermühle acquires 1982 shares of the company Jung and Schmitt , to the leading private wholesaler for baker's, confectioneries and ice-cream parlours in the Rhine Main area. In 1990 the shares go to 100% to the Kilianstädtermühle. Today JUNG and SCHMITT is escorted by Anneliese Thylmann son Michael Frese as a manager.

The new building of a more modern wheat mill allows in 1992 a sevenfold rise of the milling capacity in the wheat area on approx. 250 metric tons during the day. A modern computer control admits a continuous production process which makes easier the observance of a constant flour quality.


Henrik Frese is active since 2000 in the mill: At the moment the mill occupies 45 employees and has in the wheat area a capacity of 250 metric tons during the day and in the rye area a day capacity of 70 metric tons.


Our mill team - Any time for you ready

Our mill team knows what it depends on. We carry joint responsibility for the success of our customers. Flour quality and a certified consultation are connected with us inseparably with each other. To guarantee this, we bind the employees in the long term to our house and put away for employee's trainings a high value. The integration of the employees in the responsibility should have to is aimed at improving the efficiency that is called: to protect an economic production with constant product quality. We everything must perceive the tasks transferred to us reliably. To us must be aware daily that the responsibility for quality concerns everybody in the enterprise.


Good grain needs a good agriculture

The prevailing part of the grain comes from the Wetterau. Between TAUNUS and VOGELSBERG conveniently rules an especially growth-supporting climate. The dark grounds rich in mineral offer the best condition for a full development the wheat and rye ears. The qualities...
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