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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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1. Consider PepsiCo’s advertising throughout its history. Identify as many commonalities as possible across its various ad campaigns: a. Some of the earlier slogans have the commonality that you get more bang for your buck, that when you buy Pepsi you get more of flavor, amount and/or whatever than the competition offers. Pepsi is for everyone and that Pepsi alone can refresh or change the world. Many slogans have to deal with being young as well as being in the future. Most of the slogans indicate that if you want to be part of the future or new generation then you have to drink Pepsi. For example, their current 2012 slogan is “The Best Drink Created Worldwide.” Their latest campaign, called Pepsi Refresh, calls upon the masses to converge through philantropy by utilizing alternative means. i.e. social media and social responsibilty. b. How is this campaign consistent with PepsiCo’s brand image? It is consistent with the PepsiCo brand image because they target the younger nation and making it a better place for many generations to come. They started to advertise by reinvesting into the actual community to actually make the future better and also keep up with the theme of many of their advertisement efforts. Pepsi always had new ideas on their advertisement to get consumer attention. 2. List all the promotional mix elements used in the Pepsi Refresh campaign:

PepsiCo had used advertising and public relations as their main promotional tools. PepsiCo also uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to advertise. They have also partnered with Hulu and Spin magazine and sponsored music events. They have hired celebrities as product endorsers to advertise their product and, most importantly, they have contributed to organizations to help many communities. • What grade would you give PepsiCo on integrating these elements into an integration marketing communications campaign?

This innovative promotional effort has lead to a question “will it...
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