Company: ”Bembos”

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1.Basic Introduction

2.Theoretical model

3.Fact analysis

4.Proposed decisions for the company


Company: BEMBOS
What is the Marketing Mix of Bembos?

Peru has several fast food chains that compete with the North American fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger king. One of the best local competitors is Bembos. Bembos sells burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, the usual fast food, but with plenty of Peruvian flavor and style. Bembos is the company that I chose because it’s a successful business. It’s the leader of all the Peruvian fast food restaurants nationwide. Bembos has its unique twist that combines American flavor with our cuisine. The purpose of this essay is to show the theoretical model, facts analysis and the proposed decisions for the company.

If we start with Bembos’ history, Bembos was established in 1988, with its first restaurant opening in the Miraflores district of Lima. Bembos mixes in spices with their meat, giving the patty a distinct taste and appearance. For example, their hamburger called "Bembos a lo pobre" includes a fried egg and fried plantain with the lettuce and tomato. The "Bembos Parrillera" is a burger topped with chorizo. Bembos meals primarily come with French fries or yuquitas (made from yuca root). As their website states, they can be found all over the Lima area. They also deliver orders to private houses. On the other hand, Bembos has 30 restaurants in 6 cities, mostly in Lima. In July 2007, it had opened a restaurant in the center of Cusco, becoming the first national or international fast food establishment in the city. Bembos has recently opened restaurants outside of Peru, located in India and Panama. Bembos’ prosperity allows it to ask for loans and be able to afford them. As I mentioned before they took this advantage and made an investment of...
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