Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Distribution Pages: 9 (1255 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Marketing plan
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Marketing Plan for WhiteLight-People who are not interested go to dentist for tooth whitening but feelcomfortable spending money on tooth whitener.Though our product is totally new in Bangladesh not so much people are aware about the product therefore primarily we are focusing urban area people of some big cities; so single segment concentration

is our selective pattern of target market selection for this product.Figure: Single segment concentration 3.8 Product Life Cycle Stage:
As we are making a marketing plan for WhiteLight - Tooth Whitening System, which is anew product and not available in the market so it’s still in product development stage,however we expect that when it will enter the market it will in introduction stage wheresales will low but a increasing rate, and our target is to go in maturity stage for higher sale and higher profit. [pic][pic][pic]

Marketing Plan for WhiteLightFigure: Product life cycle stage 3.9 Product Development:
Initially now we are offering very basic facilities through our product but after severalyears we are planning to develop our product in following sectors- •
Different flavored formulated gel

Rechargeable whitening machine though its now powered by battery 3.10 Consumer Buying Behavior:
In this situation consumer buying behavior can be
Habitual Buying Behavior
 because inour country this product are not available from other brands therefore when they willdecide to buy this product they will have low involvement. 3.11 Steps in the Consumer Buying Behavior:

WhiteLight is really appropriate to those people who are very look conscious. Because of their consciousness may be they will recognize their needs. By our marketing they can beaware about the product and search more information from dentists and also by surfinginternet. If they are interested about our product consumer can buy the product fromsome of our outlets. And we are hoping this product will satisfy their needs. 3.12 SWOT Analysis of the product:Strenghts

Strong Brand Image

eServices and technology

Faster tooth whitener 

Easy to carry

High Prices

Fewer purchase location
Marketing Plan for WhiteLight

Differnt color gel

Different flavore gel

Competitors can produce

Serving at lower price

Price of raw materials can go up
Chapter 4
Pricing Strategy:
4.1 Price setting:
Price is the amounts of money customers have to pay to obtain the product. Generally insetting price companies follow the following steps:As WhiteLight is a new product in our country so we will follow the followings: Select the price objectiveDetermine demandEstimate costsAnalyze competitor price mixSelect pricing methodSelect final price [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]

Marketing Plan for WhiteLight

Our price objective will be – Maximize current profit and increase sell. 
It will be inelastic demand. Because people who are look conscious will usethis product and actually price will not be an important matter to them. Butalso as most of our country people are price sensitive so we will try to keeplower and reasonable...
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