Company's Marketing Strategy

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Company's marketing strategy

Marketing program or plan is required to achieve the company's desired objectives. The four ps of effective marketing min strategy was developed by McCarthy namely the four ps product price, promotion and place. Four ps consist of numerous decisions on the min of marketing tools to USE. International companies like NIVEA FOR MEN must decide how much to adopt their marketing strategy like Four PS to local and international conditions. of numerous decisions on the mix of marketing tools to use. International companies like NIVEA for MEN must decide how much to adopt their marketing strategy like four PS to local and international conditions. At ne extreme are companies that use a globally sundried marketing mix worldwide. In 1993, NIVEA for Men developed a fuller range of male skincare products. The producer like NIVEA FOR MEN adjust the marketing mix, to each jarget market since NIVEA FOR MEN in operating its business from 1993 it is well known about the four PS method of marketing mix. After developing four ps NIVEA FOR MEN and other companies are using the four ps as the pillar of marketing strategy. Marketing mix decisions must be made for influencing the trade channels as well as the final consumers.

Arranging an appropriate combination of the marketing mix four ps product, price, promotion and place companies, like NIVEA FOR MEN designe plan to meet needs of customers. In maintaining the competitive advantage in the grobal market. NIVEA FOR MEN is doing right duty properly executing and evaluating the marketing programs. Effective marketing mix is integral for the success of the companies such as NIVEA FOR MEN in maintaining competitive advantage.

Product : Product is one of the important element of four ps a Product that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or demand, product is the important element of the marketing mix which coordinated decisions on product mines, product lines brand and packaging and labeling. In the primary stage companies like NIVEA FOR MEN is maintaining competitive advantage would be product development, the company can get advantage by the expansion of the product range. product may differ local and global area basis. NIVEA FOR MEN can produce a regional version of its product such as a western european virsion and getting a competitive advantage.

Through product invention is a costly strategy, the company maintaining competitive advantage by backward and forward invention of product. Backward invention is reintroducing earlier product forms that are well adapted to a foreign country's needs. Forward invention is creating a new product to meet a need in another country. There is enormous need in less developed countries for low cost high proteins foods. NIVEA FOR MEN can offer its consumers a one-stop shop opportunity by providing majority of the products that they are looking for in one area. The individual consumer & will be motivated to purchase. If the quality of the products bought satisfied the needs and preference of the consumer then the NIVEA FOR MEN Will lead to consumer loyalty and retain the customers and repeated consumption. The development of a broader product has ranges increases the possibility that individual consumers will be motivated to purchase, Encouraging higher levels of consumption is not only beneficial on the part of NIVEA FOR MEN but also boosting its revenues and the national economy.

Price : Price is the very important element of marketing mix. Price is very sensitive issue on the behalf of the company. Price are the easiest marketing mix element to adjust product features, channels and even promotion take more time. Price also communicates to the company's intend value positioning of its product or brand. Today companies like NIVEA FOR MEN is wrestling with a number of difficult pricing tasks.

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