Companies and Noble Purpose

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Does a company need a noble purpose to be successful in the long run? In my opinion yes. There are many factors that plan in on whether a company will be successful or not, but having a noble purpose, I believe is the most important of all of them. Without a company having a noble purpose many things can happen, employees quit, lose customers, leaders may start heading down an un-ethical path. A company having a purpose can prevent many of these possibilities from happening.

When a company does not have a noble purpose they are risking their employee’s quitting. Employees have to feel they have a purpose for working for a company, and with that purpose they want to feel that it is a good purpose, and good goals that they are working towards. Without this feeling employees are going to search for more, and want more. It is human nature for this to happen. People want to know that they are working towards something and that it is something good. This is a good thing. Having a noble purpose will help keep the employees reassured that they are there for a good purpose, which in the end will lower the turnover rate. When having a lower turnover rate the company will save money over time because they will have to spend less on hiring new employees, posting ads showing that they are hiring, and human resources for looking for new employees.

When a company does not have a noble purpose the company will lose customers. This is a bad thing to happen to a company. When a company does not have a good goal, or purpose, customers do not want to purchase that product or service. Customers want to purchase their goods from a company that has a good moral. When a company does not and they are doing bad things, or the purpose for the company is not in the best interest for everyone, customers will see that and they will no longer want to continue servicing with that company. This will obviously make the company lose money in the long run and short run. This is a bad outcome...
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