Compair and Contrast: Birches, the Road Not Taken and Into the Wild

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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"The Road Not Taken" and "Birches" are two poems by Robert Frost seemingly inspired by nature. Robert Frost was a poet who lived from 1874 to 1963. His poems can be related to the book Into the Wild. Into the Wild is a story about the life and death of Chris McCandles covered by Jon Krakaur who is somewhat of a nature enthusiast himself. In "The Road not Taken" Frost talks about a fork in the road and seeing that he is only one person he has to choose one path over the other, after thinking for a long time he decides to take the one that looks more worn out. This shows his adventurous nature. Later thinking back he says that both paths "had worn..really about the same" but says if he were to tell the story again he'd claim with a sigh that he'd have taken "the one less traveled by". This shows how he'd want his life to have been more exciting or unknown/difficult. Frost uses the same nature inspired style in both his writings. In both poems Frost also does a lot of reminiscing. At the beginning of "Birches" he sees the branches of birch trees bending and is reminded of his childhood. He relates the branches that were bent in the recent ice-storm in a long poetic tangent to when the branches would bend by a boy climbing them. He said when he was younger he was also a "swinger of birches" and continues on to say "And I'd dream of going back to be." His enthusiasm to climb birches can also be seen as adventurous. This is the same trait he shows back when he picks the 'more worn out' path in "The Road Not Taken" or when he looks back on his actions and wants to have taken a more worn out path, if there had only been one. Even though in both poems he reminisces on his past choices. "Birches" takes a different route of thinking when going back on his actions. In "The Road Not Taken" the decision to lie about a 'more worn out' path and doing it with a sigh, signifies that in his head he'd like to think things had happened differently, this shows that he hasn't fully...
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