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Comp Goal 1

By | November 2010
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Competency Goal II
To advance physical and intellectual competence
Physical development refers to the gradual gaining of control over large and small muscles. I promote physical development by allowing the children outdoor playtime. When outside, the children play with balls, run, jump rope and ride tricycles. Physical development is also important in developing self esteem. Promoting children’s physical development involves reinforcing and encouraging children to use all of their senses to explore. I provide opportunities for children to learn through music. I allow them to dance and participate in finger plays to expand their physical abilities as well as their cognitive mind. During lunch we allow the children the opportunity to pour their own drink to advance their physical and intellectual competence. I provide opportunities and activities to encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving. This is done through centers. Children are given work choice, in which they choose different centers that will foster social confidence, build relationships, communication and creativity. During manipulative play I provide activities that help the children develop problem solving skills with puzzles, building blocks and stringing beads to make necklaces which help promote the children’s fine motor skills. For example, when preschool aged children play with puzzles they initially explore the individual pieces and they notice the colors, sizes, shapes and textures of each piece. By physically acting on manipulating the puzzle pieces, and thinking about the ways to fit the pieces together, the children have constructed logico-mathematical knowledge. I provide a variety of activities for children such as dances, music and finger plays. Communication is very important when dealing with small children. I like to encourage children to talk about their experiences and observation. I always ask open ended questions. This gives the children an opportunity to express what...

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