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Topics: Macbeth, Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Marie Meyer
Mrs. Belanger
English 11 Blk C
Nov 2nd 2012

Macbeth and Mugabe Comparison Essay

Macbeth and Robert Mugabe are people who had very driven minds. They knew what they wanted but both got it in a different way.

Macbeth’s main goal was to become Thane of Cawdor after he heard what the witches told him his future but it wasn’t going to be as easy he thought it would. At first he was ready to do anything but then realized that he couldn’t kill Duncan, it was his cousin and he had been nothing but nice to him. Lady Macbeth had to push him and tell him that for him to be king, to be the one in control, he had to do it. She had to knock some sense into him and make him, push him into thinking that this was the only way he would fully be rewarded and acknowledged for what he has done and become. After killing Duncan not only did Macbeth feel regret he now became even more afraid because even if Duncan was out of the way Banquo (his best friend), Banquo’s son Fleance and Duncan’s son Malcolm were still in the way of him being named Thane of Cawdor. Even though he was going through so many emotions and feelings like regret, anger, envy, and frustration he still went through with his plan because the throne was what he wanted and he was already too far in to give up now. Later after Macbeth killed Banquo, Banquo’s son fled Scotland giving Macbeth the power to finally be named King of Scotland. While being in power nothing ran as smoothly as he planned because all he could think of is what he had done and what he had to do to keep being able to be king. It wasn’t over yet. Not only now did he have to worry about Fleance fleeing and Malcolm being somewhere out there, he kept seeing ghosts of Duncan and Banquo which made him go even crazier. The thought of not having Fleance and Malcolm dead, being suspected by others, and not knowing if he was actually going to be able to pull this off made Macbeth seriously worried. Finally it all came to an end....
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