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E-mail ExerciseDue: End of Week 220 Points
TCO 2: Given an Internet account and an e-mail address on the Internet, compose and send an e-mail with correct spelling and grammar, and identify the benefits of using this tool as a means of communication.

Preparation and Helpful Information
* Make sure you check each item before continuing. It is easy to skip a step when you hurry. * If you are not familiar with e-mail, allow yourself extra time for the exercises. * Upload your completed assignment in the Week 2: E-Mail Lab Dropbox.

For this assignment we are going to work with e-mail. Complete the following steps to complete the lab.

Using your personal e-mail account, e-mail yourself as indicated below.

1) In the subject text box of the e-mail, type: E-mail Lab – (then type your name) 2) In the message area of the e-mail, please identify the current operating system you are using and what version of Microsoft Office you are using. 3) Download the Microsoft Word 2010 Information Word Document in Doc Sharing, fill it out, and save it as: E-mail_Information_LastNameFirstName using your own name. Then attach the file to your e-mail. 4) Send the e-mail to yourself.

5) After sending the e-mail to yourself, capture a screenshot of the received e-mail either using the Windows 7 Snipping tool application or by using the Print Scrn button on your keyboard (see the directions below on how to use the Print Scrn button to create a screenshot). Save the document with your name in this format: E-mailLab_LastNameFirstName. 6) Upload the Snipping tool screenshot file or Word document containing the screenshot and the E-mail_Information_LastNameFirstName document that you attached to your e-mail into the Week 2: E-mail Exercise assignment Dropbox

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