Community Services

Topics: Decision making, Management, Decision theory Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: May 12, 2013
1.Five items that I would include in the agenda list are; the name of the person who is coordinating the meeting, attendees (people who will be attending e.g., stakeholders), the start time of the meeting, the scheduled end time of the meeting and the matters for discussion such as feedbacks or housing.

2.Information that I may need to gather when preparing for Danny’s case management are Danny’s background history in regards to support services that he may have been using in the past whether he has been successful or not and if Danny is eligible for any other services and the criteria that falls into.

3.The purpose of the case management meeting is to establish a relationship with the client so that the client can feel confident being represented at the meeting and the concerns that would be reflected in the agenda for example alcohol is Danny’s concern. As a case manager I should be aware of the client’s objectives in the meeting and allowing the client the opportunity to indicate an agreement with the objectives such as in Danny’s case it is a life skill course.

4.My rights, roles and responsibility as Danny’s case manager would be to work with Danny to achieve the goals that he has identified, providing him with information about different services that are available to him and informing him the actions of his outcomes. I will also enable Danny to make decisions about his own life even if I won’t agree to it. Danny’s rights, roles and responsibilities would be to actively participate in his case plan, to be involved in identifying his own needs and to be attending all of his appointments with his case manager.

5.Two statutory requirements I must observe when obtaining information from other stakeholders are Freedom of Information Act 1982 and Privacy Act 1988.

6.Three key factors that would be important to ensure that Danny’s case is operating within the appropriate legislative requirements is respecting Danny’s confidentiality and...
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