Community Services

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Sabrina Miraj

I would have never imagined how a community service is such a rewarding experience. The words community serves can mean many different things to people, but to me it means a united group that comes together to help one another with out wanting anything in return. To me it is important to help one another because one day out of the blue you might need that someone. Community service is a very important factor when it comes to advancing your society. If community serves is lacking people would not know the meaning of be concerned and the valuableness in charity.

When I was younger I started volunteering for the Halloween Parade at Throngs Neck for Build A Bear. The fact that I didn't know many people there I wasn't very passionate. Later, as I got to know the experience and members I learned to take pleasure of my time there. It was a very rewarding experience and I got to do many things I wouldn't often have an opportunity to do.

One time when I went to volunteer I meet so many kids and welcoming adults. Most of these kids came there for school service they needed. Very few came for the same reason I came which is to be helpful to our community no matter what the circumstances are. I felt that those kids should enjoy there time while it lasted. I think they would see its fun if they become more active. While I was doing the build a bear I ran out of bears. There was an adorable little girl named Amy who came up to me and asked for a bear. I told her “ sorry but we sold out.” She then began to cry. However, I couldn’t bear to see the sight of her crying so I gave her one bear I was saving for a friend who never came to get it. Amy and I stuff the bear together and in the end we were all happy. Community service has many opportunities for many things. Some of those things happen to be helpful one another, showing responsibility and showing consideration for the community. It teaches many people life lessons from being helpful to...
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