Community Service Reflection Paper

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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After completing your community service work, you will write a reflection paper that will give you an opportunity to revisit or look back upon your service activity. Remember five (5) of these hours must be tied to your career pathway. You will need to include each of the guidelines below to complete this paper. All components of this paper need to be typed.

1. Begin your paper with what community service means to you and the importance of community service. 2. Describe the community service you performed and the community need you helped meet with your service.

3. Explain why you chose the particular community service activity, relate why this group or organization appealed to you.
4. State 3 facts (minimum) about the organization you did your service for. 5. Detail where and when the service took place.
6. Explain how you think what you learned will help you in your future. 7. Describe how you felt when your service was complete.
8. Describe the results of your service.
9. How did your community service work influence your opinion relating to community service? Suggestions for writing the paper:
z Read all the prompts carefully.
z Examine a fellow student’s good Sample Essay.
z Make a plan.
z Use an outline or a web to help you organize your thoughts. z Provide specific details so the reader will feel like they were actually there with you. z Use spell checker and then check for words that sound similar but have entirely different meanings (ie: their/there/they're, etc).

z Have a friend proofread your paper.
z Read your paper out-loud to someone. Have them listen to how it sounds.
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