Community Service

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I disagree with the statement saying that there should be 60 hours of community service done, in order to graduate. I believe that if a student does community service, he or she should do it because he or she wanted to do it. Not because he or she was forced to do it. I think community service is done not only to help the community, but to get a sense of gratitude after you have willingly helped out the community on your own. After doing good things for your community, you realize how much you helped someone out, and that feeling only comes after knowing that you did a certain deed on your own. I disagree with a requirement of community service to graduate, because not everyone is going to enjoy it.

Community service is important in ones life, but not important enough to make it a requirement to graduate. I believe that when someone does community service, it should be because he or she wants to. Community service shouldn't be forced upon ones life, but it should be encouraged to do. Forcing people into doing things sometimes tends to make them think less of that thing.

After doing something that you know is right, you feel great and gain self righteousness. Sometimes after doing something good you want to go do more of that. When you want to do more of something you know that it is something that you would enjoy doing for a long time. That feeling is something you should achieve on your own, not something you are forced to do.

Enjoying something you have to do every day is important. If you don't enjoy something you have to do every day, you won't be happy. You will be miserable. A miserable state of mind isn't the way you particularly want to feel. When doing something, you want to be able to do it without thinking bad thoughts about it. Community service won't make everybody happy, therefore it is not the way to go to get kids to do community service.
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